Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We went to Children's today.  I had requested a specific anesthesiologist and was told he would be there, no problem.  got there, he is on vaca, here is a new guy who wont shake my hand, doesn't greet maddy and starts off by telling me her CEREBRAL PALSY and her minor snoring will require an overnight night stay...seriously!?! for adenoid removal?  and are you really going to use her dx in such a fashion???

Then he says it could be an ICU stay.  note: this is how he started his conversation, with an overnight stay, then ICU.  I had enough, being talked down to, etc.  I asked for another doctor.  this ass runs to his boss, who tells me I am confused. he (the original doc) was not using her needs as a means to keep her, but was describing a worst case scenario.  I said no.  that is not what he is doing, this is unprofessional and we have never been treated this way before (remember this is my 4th surgery since Feb 2013).  I said I was not going to proceed until I talk to my doctor.

Dr. E. gets here and we talk,  she vouches for this guys and assures me this will NOT be an overnight stay.  So, I let her take Maddy to surgery.  She promises 30 minutes and off they go.

Then the asshat comes BACK and needs my verbal permission to ADMIT her to the hospital.  I said I signed my consent to treat and I feel that if she needs an overnight stay, then that is something we talk about AFTER the procedure.  I further tell him I do not appreciate him using her special needs against her as a reason to keep her.  He said I was lying and he did not say that....but he did.  He knows it and I know it.

He then leaves and gets a random nurse (meanwhile...where is Maddy....what is happen to her....who is taking care of her while he bullies me).  Again, he wants my consent, which I again say you already have as I just signed the paper.  I then said this is completely unprofessional you are holding up surgery for what purpose and what is happening to my daughter right now? No answer, just more repeating information.  Finally I had enough.  I said I was tried of being ganged up on by both of them, when, again, the whole reason you wanting to keep her is for snoring and CP.  I said in all her other surgeries this was not an issue.  "Well, had she had her adenoids out before?  I didn't think so.  This is a different surgery and has different requirements." She was getting the adenoids removed bc of the snoring, but that must be after the fact.   

There is more, but I am tried.  And nothing will ever capture everything he said to me or how I felt.  I expect bad from them normally, but this abusive.

Oh, and she was fine. Oh. we are home.  fastest discharge ever.

My abusive relationship with Children's ends today.  We. Are. Done.  My children are not second class citizens.  

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dr. Antonson saved my kids’ lives and the lives of countless of the children.  He is a nationally known and revered physician and his patients and their families love him.  Children's Specialty Physicians (CSP) has pulled his contract.   Their answer? Get another GI doctor.  My response? Sorry, that won’t work-been there and done that and the results were disastrous for my child.  Please help us in my quest to have Dr. Antonson’s contract restored.  You can help by liking this page to show your support or if you are a parent of one of Dr. Antonson’s patients please write a letter to Dr. John Sparks, the chairman of CSP, and send additional copies to all CSP members.

CSP Board of Directors:

Chairman Dr. John Sparks, MD
Vice Chairman Paul Esposito, MD
Carl Gumbiner, MD
Mr. Gary Perkins
Stephen Raynor, MD
Kari Simonsen, MD
Mr. Stephen Burnham

8200 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68114

Bradley Britigan, MD
Mr. Michael McGlade

Emile at 42nd Street
Omaha, NE 68198

Please feel free to share you experiences with Dr. Antonson here:

More to come....