Friday, January 4, 2013

An Introduction

I started this three years ago and for the sake of time, will just say this for now.  Mom of two kids with special needs, wife, former teacher, and a big fan of pop culture who likes to read and horror movies are my favorite.  If you would like to pursue a relationship with me (lol) there are some ground rules for courtship.  The first being, this is MY blog and unlike other public areas, ie facebook, I will not be censoring myself.  To that end, there will be swear words, I will question things, and some might get offended.  My goal with this blog is to write for ME and there might be some casualties along the way.  But, I hope you stick it out with me for I have learned my life is a hell of a trip at times.

PS.  while I can grammar check pretty darn well...I write with limited time so there will be mistakes, as well as mistakes in my spelling...I just suck at spelling.  Always have...sorry

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